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Updated: Mar 4

There are many relevant differences between the two and for me it does matter, and I will tell you why.

Honestly, I have used both natural and synthetic perfumes because I happen to like them both. I love the variation of scents that can be obtained with synthetics, the varieties are endless and the fragrances are rich, fabulous, and long lasting.

Lets be fair, not all synthetics are toxic, but how can you distinguish one from the other?

Perfumers do not divulge their perfume formulas, nor will they give you a list of all the specific ingredients used. As a perfumer, you want to protect the secrecy of your proprietary blend. However with this loophole, toxic and any other chemical ingredients can now be hidden under "fragrance" without responsibility. Unless you research for yourself you may never know.

So, what's the difference?

Independent laboratory tests of perfumes have shown a myriad of secret chemicals not listed on the product label. Hidden behind "fragrance" were synthetic petrochemicals with hazardous properties that can accumulate in human tissue.

Wait! What?

Yes, everything we put into our body or onto our body has an effect! The effects may be short term or long term. A prolonged use of a toxic substance will obviously have long term effects. Phthalates for example, is a plasticizer that extends the scent of your perfume so that it will last longer on your skin.

When combined at low levels, some phthalates can act together to cause similar harm as seen with exposure to just one phthalate at high levels. Phthalate exposures in humans has been linked to changes in sex hormone levels, altered development of genitals, and low sperm count and quality.

So, Yes it matters! Where do you spray your perfume? All Over your body and even your hair!

Not all natural is ideal.

There are natural ingredients that can be toxic as well. Some "natural ingredients" used to create a scent is disturbing. When I found out they used beaver urine to duplicate the scent of vanilla. I was done. I have actually inquired with a large international company about a product that listed "natural fragrance" as their ingredient on their Vanilla scented products. I have never used that product again. At Versosa Natural Perfume and Skincare, we only use plant essences, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.

When I began studying chakra healing, I learned and began taking a greater interest in plant essences. There are plants and flowers that are highly vibrational like roses that are used for spiritual baths and chakra cleansing.

Protecting your energy field, is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for yourself. That is why natural fragrances are important. One of the benefits of choosing clean beauty and natural perfume is that they do not contain any questionable ingredients.

Keep toxic chemicals out of your body, cleanse and protect your energy, and keep your vibration high and stay lifted. This is the mission of the Versosa & Co. brand, to provide products that are clean, non-toxic, vegan, and highly vibrational.

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