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An Idea Is Born

What guided our start is our love for natural and organic products. The idea was born while creating beautiful scented candles for meditation. One idea led to another and a collection of products was created made with natural and botanical ingredients. 


About Our Founder

Laura Versosa's beauty background began while developing a nose for scents and an eye for beauty as a student in New York. A few years in, while studying aromatherapy and formulating scents the alchemist was born. This creative spark led to a nine-month intensive studying natural and botanical perfumery. Since then, Laura has acquired certifications as a cosmetic formulator and skincare consultant.


As a cosmetic formulator, Laura ensures each ingredient in every formula is selected for the beneficial qualities it contributes to the formula and the necessity of that ingredient. Laura feels a responsibility for transparency of all ingredients used in our formulas even our fragrances. We stand by our pledge to be a clean beauty line using only non-toxic and safe ingredients that are categorized as best or good ingredients and have been proven to provide substantial and effective results. Natural and organic non-toxic ingredients are our first priority. As an artisan, Laura combines beauty, science, and art to create quality products with pride and a clear conscious.

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